With over 40 acres in production in the Snohomish Valley, we are able to control our rotations annually so that we can provide consistent and high quality plant material. We grow many unique varieties of trees, carefully selected by their ability to grow well in our region. The quality of care is shown within our stock which is grown up to specimen sizes. We also grow large quantities of commonly used screening trees and hedge material.

Field grown plants are marked at retail prices in our nursery but are labeled “Farm” to identify which plants are wholesale. We offer a 15% wholesale discount on our field grown stock. This discount is intended for those licensed and engaged in buying and reselling nursery stock. Delivery is also available directly to your jobsite.

If you have any questions about our availability, sizes, or pricing, please contact us by either phone, fax, or e-mail.

P: 360.862.1323 | F: 360.568.6803

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We ask that all wholesale customers please fill out and submit our Wholesale Customer Information Form.

Wholesale Policy