Fresh Cut & Live Christmas Trees

Stop by to see our beautiful selection of fresh cut locally sourced Noble Fir trees, as well as, Turkish, Frasier and Nordmann Fir trees fresh from our fields. It doesn't get any fresher than this!

We also offer a wide selection of live Christmas trees that will enhance your landscape long after the holidays have passed.

Support your local tree farm and enjoy the fragrance and beauty of these evergreens in your home for the holidays.
Holiday Photos
Stop by the nursery to take your holiday photos in our festive natural staged area and capture the spirit season to share with family and friends.
Deck the Halls and Trim the Trees
We have a fresh and fragrant selection of hand-tied wreaths available in a range of styles and sizes to adorn your home or office.
This enduring traditional holiday symbol will greet all who enter your home.

We have a selection of evergreen garland to adorn your entryway to greet your guests and ... Read more
Specialty Conifers

Choice conifers offer beautiful year-round interest in our landscapes. We grow many of the conifers that we sell here at the nursery, additionally we supplement or selection with choice conifers from Iseli's, as well as, local wholesale growers. This is a great time to plant and consider creating a well rounded landscape with conifers that add color and texture throughout the year. We have a diverse selection from small to tall available for gardens of all sizes.
Evergreen Perennials Extend Our Season
Evergreen perennials and grasses make great companions for container arrangements and garden borders through fall and winter. You may also wish to incorporate small evergreen trees and shrubs as focal points in your arrangements. When flowers are few and far between these plants offer other features that are just as captivatingly beautiful.
Holiday Shimmer & Shine
All that Glitters is not Gold.The warmth and beauty of burnished bronze, radiant copper and shimmering silver add sparkle to our homes during the holiday season. These accent elements add the midas touch to your decor and a little luxe to your holiday cheer. Pair these lustrous pieces with the warmth of earthy wood, cones and greenery, to create a casual elegance. These unique finds are not only a wonderful addition to your home they also make great gifts. Stop by to view these beautiful pieces in person and add some luster to your home for the holidays.
Hellebore Heaven
Often called the Lenten Rose or Christmas Rose; Hellebores by any name are a jewel in the winter landscape. These evergreen perennials are available in many forms, cultivars and colors.

The leathery foliage found on these stalwart beauties varies from a deep rich green to marbled and variegated patterns. While the flowers have a delicate appearance they are in fact a remarkably hardy perennial that blooms through winter's chill and in a blanket of snow. With some varieties blooming in fall, while others bloom in winter through early spring. These long lasting beauties add color and interest to the landscape during the leanest months.

Their form and flower has an understated elegance that make them an excellent choice for woodland gardens, a Northwest theme or a container arrangement. This low maintenance beauty has blossoms that are borne in nodding or outward facing clusters. From fair freckled faced flowers to deep rich near black double blooms. With a range of flower and foliage styles there is sure to be one that will catch your eye and capture your heart.