Inside the Barn
We are always bringing in new and exciting pieces that are perfect touches to your home or wonderful gifts for friends. From hardware like antiqued metal signs and decorative orbs to symbolic stones, creatures and critters, we have all sorts of unique flare to help your garden shine and stand out above the rest.
Nothing quite beats handmade. It’s one-of-a-kind; there are no replicas. We support several local artisans and their beautifully crafted work is featured inside our barn. You can find such pieces as skillfully fashioned potting benches and nesting houses from reclaimed materials, jewelry inspired by elements found in nature, and decorative Himalayan handmade candles nestled in ornate jars. Stop by our nursery today to view our fantastic collection!
Aw Pottery Northwest
Over 10 years ago, we chose Aw Pottery as our primary source for containers and are proud of the relationship that we have formed with them. Eng Kwang, sculptor and potter, established Aw Pottery in 1981 and Aw Pottery Northwest in 1991. Aw Pottery brings the lost art of this distinctive, high fired pottery to America, making these “rough hewn . . . tools for the artist” available. Unlike other manufactured pots, these exquisite pieces of art are individually unique, no color wash or texture exactly the same. Yet these substantial containers are durable to our northwest native elements, are frost resistant, and resist cracking and weather changes. As our nursery grows, our selection of pottery continues to expand as well. Once primarily dedicated to one small room in the barn, our pottery is now displayed throughout the nursery in a way that will inspire you and allow us to showcase our larger selection.
“Eng Kwang had seen the potters at work when he was just a boy. Powerful backs and firm hands forming the enormous coils of wet clay into great, coarse vessels. Hand dipped into wide ditches of creamy ash glaze. Dried, when the rains allowed, and then piled one upon another into the long low kilns that snake up the hill. Pine needles heaped into the kiln. A fire burning for days. Sweet smoke. Glowing heat.”
Plant Corrals + Hose Guides
We feature heavy duty plant corrals to support and preserve your beautiful blooms. These decorative devices are available in three sizes: large 40″ tall, medium 29″ tall, and small 18″ tall. During those dog days of summer when you are pulling the hose all over the garden, a guide preserves and protects those border plants. We also feature hose guides in the “Zip Style,” which is an effective and out of the way solution to keep that pesky hose in its place. These locally crafted garden essentials are created by Terrapin Enterprises.
Greenman Stone
“The Greenman is an architectural element found in and on European churches, cathedrals, and bulblic buildings. He is symbolized by a human face with foliage as a feature and represents man’s relationship with nature . . .”

Greenman Stone is a collection of creative Northwest artisans talented in statuary, sculpting, mold-making, and casting. Each piece is carefully hand cast, then given a decorative finish and individually antiqued so that no two are exactly alike. Stains and finishes used are all soy based and eco-friendly. These affordable, high quality stone treasures are frost proof and new designs are being fashioned monthly, so keep the imagination flowing in your garden!
Nice Nests
Welcome life to your garden year after year with Nice Nests. Functional, species-specific nest boxes built here in Washington State that are modern with a rustic flare, yet are composed completely of salvaged wood scraps. With proper hole dimensions for each bird species and necessary ventilation and drainage, these are not your typical garden décor.

“Each Nest is designed to suit cavity-nesting birds ranging from chickadees to bluebirds, nuthatches to saw-whet owls, kestrels to Wood Ducks.”
Inside each house, the door has been roughed up to assist fledglings ready to leave their nest. Each box is built by hand, equipped with an easy opening (no tools required!) for convenient cleaning out, and adorned with funky repurposed hardware. Turn your garden into a homey habitat for birds with these wonderfully designed and constructed nesting boxes.
Garden Care Products
Inside the big red barn at our nursery, you will find a wide range of products to help your garden grow. We carry environmentally friendly garden care products as well as some of the more traditional garden care products. Always feel free to ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff for assistance with any of your garden care needs.
Dr. Earth
Dr. Earth is a fertilizer for gardeners who want to adopt the organic lifestyle.

“Based on research and brilliantly enhanced with a rainbow of attributes, Dr. Earth® is considered by many to be the most innovative organic gardening company in the United States.”

With a dedicated team driven by a true passion for what they do, Dr. Earth has been leading the lawn and garden industry for over 23 years.

The Dr. Earth products that we carry are considered to be people and pet safe. Staying away from any ingredients that might cheapen the quality of their integrity, Dr. Earth products are not comprised of harmful ingredients such as biosolids, composted household waste, or synthetic chemicals. Dr. Earth is an innovative company whose commitment to clean and healthy gardening is inspirational and whose understanding and value of the organic movement has given new vision to today’s gardeners.
“Dr. Earth fertilizer contains a unique blend of superior organic-based ingredients that actually invigorates and improves the biological life in your soil. [Their fertilizer] does this by supplying Probiotic beneficial soil microbes, plus ecto & endo mycorrhizae, which feed the fiber of the living soil by releasing natural organic matter. All you add is water and light.”
Gardner + Bloome
Gardner & Bloome has a wide product selection that has all been verified 100% guaranteed and certified organic.

“All of our products are listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), the leading non-profit, internationally recognized third party accredited by the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP). That means every ingredient and every process that goes into making our products has been verified 100% compliant as organic, all the way to the original source.”

These products are safe for your home, garden, and family. At McAuliffe’s
Valley Nursery, we carry many of G&B’s composts and garden soils to help improve the quality of your existing soil.
Bonide is a trusted family owned and operated business since 1926. On its third generation of ownership, the people at Bonide have a passion for “providing the best possible solutions for Home, Lawn and Garden Pest Problems.” Here at McAuliffe’s, we are stocked with a wide range of Bonide products. From rust to mites, we are here to help you with any concerns or pests that you might be facing. Ask our helpful, friendly nursery staff for assistance!
We all have them but what to do about it? The most important thing is to try and break that life cycle, so we need to put down SLUGGO. There are still eggs that have been laid, so in the early winter on that first warm weekend, be sure to get back out there and bait. The sooner you break the cycle, the less trouble you will have next spring. SLUGGO is an iron phosphate based slug bait that is safe for use around pets and wildlife. It actually breaks down to a form of iron that is beneficial for your plants and is safe to use for organic gardening. We also offer Sluggo Plus, which works on slugs, snails, sowbugs, and earwigs.
Professional gardeners have trusted and used Osmocote to provide their plants with adequate nutrition for over 50 years. Time-release capsules ensure that plants get what they need, when they need it for steady and vigorous growth. Osmocote’s time release formula works in tandem with the temperature. In cooler weather when plants are not putting out as much growth, less fertilizer is released. More fertilizer releases with warmer weather, when plants are pushing new growth and development. Osmocote is a time and money saver. Get happier, healthier plants with Osmocote!