Landscape Design

Looking for guidance and inspiration with your yard? We offer landscape design consultations. For more information, please see the link below to view our Landscape Design Questionnaire.

We have a full landscape division providing hardscape and landscape installation. Please see the link below to learn more about our installation services.

We offer delivery services for all of the plant material and products that we grow and sell here at the Nursery. Please view the link below to see our Delivery Policy.
Our Story
McAuliffe's Valley Nursery is a full service nursery located in the scenic Snohomish Valley. Our farm-to-retail nursery grows stock on over 40 acres of rich, fertile soil specializing in balled and burlapped trees. The heart of our retail nursery is a historic dairy barn that is surrounded by a rich pallet of stunning plants, both familiar and rare varieties, for your various needs and fashions. Around the nursery, you can also find displays of high quality handcrafted pottery and garden art, carefully selected for its unique flare. Our authentic barn houses an assortment of garden products, organic fertilizers, our office, décor, and friendly customer service checkout counter. Our knowledgeable staff is available and happy to help you select the right trees, shrubs, and plants for your landscape needs.

We thank you for supporting our local family owned business and look forward to seeing you at our nursery soon!

Rich Red…this brilliant color will add heat to your landscape during the cool, grey months.
Hanging baskets...are a beautiful way to enliven your porch or patio.
Winter Interest…offered in form, foliage, bark and berries. We have a beautiful selection of plants here at the nursery to help bring winter interest to your garden.
Small fruit…is a delicious option for small space gardening.
Grow your own groceries…fresh greens, tomatoes, peppers and fresh herbs are ready to plant.
Bareroot Roses Have Arrived…in a variety of enticing colors, scents and styles.
Roses…are available in a variety of enticing colors, scents and styles.
Hellebores & Heucheras…provide timeless beauty with striking foliage and flowers.
Flowering Trees…offer a cloud of fragrant blossoms in Spring.
Bareroot Fruit Has Arrived…berries, fruit trees, and so much more for your edible garden.
Scrumptious Fruit…berries, fruit trees, and so much more for your edible garden.