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This preparation method is very unique to the retail nursery industry, but it's been proven to be the best method for trees. The trees can then be easily loaded into a car or truck.

Service and Delivery

We offer delivery and installation services for all the plant material we grow and sell at the Nursery, the cost will depend on the size of your order and delivery address. Minimum charge of $85.00

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We prepare most trees by removing the pot, cutting back excess roots and mulch, and covering the root ball with fresh burlap. This method preps the root ball for transport and ensures good root growth for transplanting.

With a burlapped ball, the tree can be loaded and moved easier without getting damaged. Most deciduous trees, and some evergreen trees, have a broad branch structure, so we also twine the branches to protect them in transport.

McAuliffes Valley Nursery delivery truck

Our friendly, experienced staff will prep and load your B&B trees and shrubs in your vehicle.

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