McAuliffe's Valley Nursery, 360-862-1323, Snohomish, WA
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Welcome to our Garden Center

Our garden center is growing on six acres just south of the town of Snohomish, only a short distance from the urban centers of Seattle, Bellevue and Everett, is a gardeners retreat. Open skies over vast farmland and spectacular views of the majestic North Cascades are the beauty of Snohomish Valley.

The Large Red barn that used to be home to milking cows, now serves as ‘The Garden Store’. Inside, an extensive horticultural library, table and chairs offer customers a peaceful place to sit, and research plant selection.

Outside, working display tables demonstrate combinations of plants, color and texture, while flagstone and paver pathways lead the way to the beds of trees, and shrubs. Country charm combined with a large selection of high quality plant material, helpful and knowledgeable staff, makes McAuliffe’s Valley Nursery an experience you will want to revisit.

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