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 Just Some of the Wonderful Product Lines We Offer ...



All Seasons Horticultural & Dormant Spray Oil  
Copper Fungicide

Now is a great time to spray your fruit trees to prevent all sorts of fungal diseases including black spot, powdery mildew, scab and even blight. All Seasons Horticultural & Dormant Spray oil works as a surfactant to suffocate both the insects and their eggs. Both products can be used year round. The bonus property of Horticultural oil is when applied with the Copper Fungicide it helps adhere the fungicide to the plant for a longer period of time during our rainy season.



We all have them but what to do about it. Well the most important thing is to try and break that life cycle. So we need to put down SLUGGO to stop the cycle so they can’t keep laying eggs. There are still eggs that have been laid, so in the early winter on that first warm weekend be sure to get back out there and bait. The sooner you break the cycle the less trouble you will have next spring.  SLUGGO is an iron phosphate based slug bait that is safe for use around pets and wildlife.  It actually breaks down to a form of iron that is beneficial for your plants. 

We are now carrying the complete line of Dr. Earth
fertilizers including the single ingredient fertilizers
for all your lawn and garden needs.

We are excited to announce that we carry the very beautiful...

Weeks Roses





For that special collector, we carry some exclusive varieties of dwarf conifers, Japanese maples, and other unique shrubs from Iseli Nursery. Visit their website to learn more about this fantastic, local grower and to see what fascinating plants they have to offer your garden!


"The Greenman is an architectural element found in and on European churches, cathedrals, and public building. He is symbolized by a human face with foliage as a feature and represents man's relationship with nature..."


Greenman Stone is here!


Visit their website at to see the entire collection or stop by the nursery to see our availability!

Plant Corrals and Hose Guides

We are now featuring heavy duty plant corrals to support your beautiful blooms, available in two sizes: Large 40" tall and Medium 18" tall. During the dog days of summer you may find that while you are pulling your hose around the garden, that a guide would preserve those border plants. We are also featuring Hose Guides in the "Zip Style", which is an effective and out of the way solution to keep the hose in its place.  These locally crafted garden essentials are created by Terrapin Enterprises.


 Gardner & Bloome Soil Building Compost

An outstanding soil amendment and compost in one. Excellent for breaking up heavy clay soil.

Come see our indoor container room, filled with high quality Aw Pottery.  Our staff would be happy to help you fill up your container with our beautiful plants.
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